Our new wood bending system is vastly better than our previous system. We can now laminate 6 layers of wood to form the top & the walls, creating a nearly indestructible case! You can stand on It! sit on it!..and throw it around!!

There is approximately a one-half-inch PLUS space between the bridge and the top of the case. There is also ample space between the floor of the case and the back of the Instrument to prevent any damage in case of an accident. The total weight of the 600 Model is approximately 6.5 To 7 pounds.

The placement of the D-rings is such that you can carry the case on your back as a backpack. . . thus leaving your hands free to ride a bike or carry Other items!

From the players point of view our create your own case Is a new approach to designing the look of the interior of your case. You send us the fabric and the ribbons of your choice – we will install whatever you would like us to create.
It will truly be a one of a kind case!

When choosing your fabric get:

A. Thickness of fabric: Cotton velvet is the best. But whatever you choose, just keep the thickness about the same as the thickness of cotton velvet. If the fabric is too thin, the glue bleeds through. If it is too thick, it is hard to make it good around the corners of the pockets. Plus, it really adds considerable weight.

B. Amount of Fabric: Send in 2 yards for interior if you only want a single color. This amount includes the blanket. If you want a two-toned interior, you will need to send in 1.5 yards of EACH color.
C. Ribbons: Send 4.5 yards of Grosgrain ribbon.
D. Violin Sack: We will need 1.5 yards of Satin, or other fabric of your choice.
E. Blanket: Your choice. If you want it different from the rest of the case, we can do it. In any event, we will need a piece of fabric 12 inches wide, plus whatever the width of the fabric is.


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